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Just Transition Living Lab


Just Transition Living Lab

For the past seven decades, Greece has relied on lignite, which was the national fuel that contributed greatly to the development of the economy and the electrification of the country. Today, the country is moving towards replacement of lignite as the main fuel for power generation, in compliance with European energy and climate targets, but also for purely economic reasons. The contribution to the local economy from the operation of the current PPC units, in the regions of Western Macedonia and the Peloponnese  was particularly important and contributed greatly to the primary and secondary employment in TPPs and mines, but, also, offered local added value from the existence of secondary activities related to the operation of these units.

Just transition is a vision and a process based on dialogue and an agenda shared with citizens, workers, industry, governments and academia, that need to be further explored in geographical, economical, political, cultural, and social contexts. Just Transition Fund is the key tool to ensure the transition towards a climate-neutral economy, leaving no one behind.

The JTLL will be an educational, collaborative, research and innovation living lab, created as a public-private partnership to tackle the Just Transition challenges at the respective areas around the globe. The Just Transition Institute Greece, together with the University of Western Macedonia and other institutions are willing to connect citizens and policies of areas in transition that face the greatest challenges of their modern history.

The JTLL will support, promote and implement actions towards sustainable development during the transition period and the inevitable regeneration of the economy at the respective areas. JTLL will do this by providing engaging, factual, and relevant education, showcasing, involvement, co-design and knowledge sharing of sustainable solutions on just transition adaptation.

An indicative list of actions follows:

  • Participatory processes: Enabling citizen involvement in co-designing local economy restructure
  • Education: Rethinking education by re-skilling and up-skilling of just transition areas citizens
  • Showcasing: Improving user experiences and knowledge sharing by showcasing sustainable solutions, technologies, and demo-labs.

JTLL will further elaborate methods, approaches and projects that involve high level of stakeholder participation, co-creation, co-production, learning-loops, and experimental approaches to improve life and wellbeing at the transition affected areas. JTLL, through its members will provide the open space, the fertile soil and the needed expertise towards the sustainable cultivation of an alternative approach in creativity and innovation.




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