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JTIG selected to participate in  the TRANSFORMER project User Forum

Just Transition Institute Greece is glad to announce that it has been selected to participate in  the TRANSFORMER project User Forum.

The TRANSFORMER project aims to foster long-term systemic transformation in European regions, expediting the transition towards climate neutrality. A conceptual framework is being developed, mapping, defining, and categorizing Transition Super-Labs (TSLs). The project launched four pilot TSLs in the Ruhr area (DE), Emilia Romagna (IT), Lower Silesia (PL), and Western Macedonia (GR).

The primary objective is to provide a roadmap blueprint, toolkit (including matchmaking mechanisms), and knowledge hub, supporting both pilot regions and others across Europe. Additionally, an evaluation framework will be established to measure the impact of TSLs in the pilot regions and assess the effectiveness of their tools and structures.

As part of the TRANSFORMER project, it will be established a User Forum for the Transition Super Lab approach. Transition Super Labs are regionally operating assemblies of  representatives from business, government, science and civil society. These assemblies use co-creative methods to develop and implement a portfolio of multiple innovative solutions simultaneously to accelerate the transition to achieve climate neutrality in the region. In short, Transition Super Labs scale up living lab methodologies to fit a regional scale and address the big societal challenge of accelerating the way to climate neutrality.

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