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Building the Roadmap for Successful Transition Super-Labs

Glad to share insights from the recent session at the Transformer Project User Forum on “Building the Roadmap for Successful Transition Super-Labs” led by Rupprecht Consult. Kostas Karamarkos, representing Just Transition Institute Greece, was part of the vibrant discussion!

The primary goal? Crafting a blueprint for Transition Super-Labs that can be effectively replicated across diverse regions.

What exactly are Transition Super-Labs. These are dynamic hubs comprising stakeholders from business, government, science, and civil society. They leverage co-creative methodologies to devise and execute a range of innovative solutions concurrently, all aimed at accelerating the journey towards climate neutrality within a specific region.

In essence, Transition Super-Labs amplify the principles of living labs to a regional scale, directly tackling the monumental challenge of hastening the path to climate neutrality.

Exciting times lie ahead as we work towards fostering sustainable transitions on a broader scale. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative journey! 🚀